<div className="md:grid md:grid-cols-4 md:gap-4"><div className="md:col-span-1"> ![[profile-pic.jpeg]] </div> <div className="md:col-span-3 md:flex md:justify-center md:flex-col"> <div className="md:shrink"> Hi! 👋🏻 My name is Martijn Arts, and this is my website/digital garden. You can read more about me here: [[About Me]], I keep a [blog also](https://blog.martijnarts.com), and if you want to pay me to do work check me out at [hostedin.space](https://hostedin.space). </div></div></div> # Garden Check out some things I've recently been thinking about: - [[Predictable programming]] - [[Rust things that deserve funding]] # Social I am also these accounts: - <a href="https://mastodon.nl/@martijnarts" id="mastodon" class="external-link" data-tooltip-position="top" aria-label="https://mastodon.nl/@martijnarts" target="_blank">Mastodon</a> - [Twitter](https://twitter.com/martijnawts) Follow [my cat on Instagram](https://www.instagram.com/barend.artsprins/)!