This is a pretty list of things that I think should exist and should exist in Rust specifically. I believe each of these projects deserve funding. Some are obviously already getting that, others should get it somewhere.


Some versions of this exist, but as far as I’m aware nothing that’s generic enough that anyone could use it. Rust’s type system might just lend itself really well to this.

Rust’s Flutter

Flutter is an awesome product, which has a lot of the good parts of Xamarin and React Native. However, Dart, Typescript, and .NET are not Rust.

  • Dioxus has some sort of mobile support, though it’s definitely not where it needs to be yet.
  • There are Flutter integrations with Rust (1, 2, 3). You still have to write Dart here.

Expo/Vercel for Rust

Deploying Rust to the web or to native is not super easy, and it’s certainly not as easy as deploying good old Javascript.

  • Dioxus has a big old deploy button, which promises a lot: CD, cross-platform, analytics… Everything!
  • CrabNebula seems to be working on this. This is a company started by the creators of Tauri.