As a software developer and technical leader, I’ve gained valuable experience in mobile and web development, project management, entrepreneurship, and collaboration with stakeholders. I prioritize building user-focused products on a stable software architecture and have developed strong leadership, communication, and problem-solving skills.


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  • Hosted in Space - Owner (now)
    • I’m available for contracting opportunities.
  • RCKIVE - Cofounder & CTO (now)
    • Leading mobile app development, collaborating on e-commerce operations, and partnerships with external suppliers
    • Learned the ins and outs of entrepreneurship, business development, and building a new company
  • Palantir - Deployment Strategist
    • Worked extensively with highly complex technical systems and large-scale data problems
    • Collaborated with customers in larger organizations and effectively communicated highly technical ideas to non-technical stakeholders
    • Built a novel product suite that revolutionized data governance and management at a top 5 pharma company
  • L1NDA - Lead Backend Developer
    • Lead a backend team creating an entirely new product from scratch
    • Developed skills in project management and creating thoroughly designed and tested products
    • Gained experience in technical leadership
  • Hubs (formerly “3D Hubs”) - Lead Engineer
    • Lead a project to replace an aging backend system
    • Learned about the importance of short feedback loops and engineering culture
  • Wend - Software developer
    • Collaborated with colleagues across the backend and frontend to deliver web apps within tight deadlines
    • Developed valuable experience in building custom solutions for clients


As the son of an early software engineer, I’ve been around computers and the internet quite literally all my life. I started programming at eight years old, and haven’t stopped learning. Through my professional career I have built many products, lead teams, developed product and corporate strategy, and taught coding.

When I’m not at a computer, I enjoy climbing (top rope and lead), playing board games with friends, sailing, reading, etc.

Giving back

I am giving these people money:

While building a startup, I’ve temporarily paused giving money to: